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October 20, 2009

Rumored humanzees

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There have been occasional reports and rumors of humanzees throughout history. St. Peter Damian, in his 11th century De bono religiosi status et variorum animantium tropologia, tells of a Count Gulielmus whose pet ape became his wife’s lover. One day the ape became “mad with jealousy” on seeing the count lying with his wife and it fatally attacked him. Damian claims he was told about this incident by Pope Alexander II and shown a creature named “Maimo”, which was supposed to be the offspring of the countess and the ape.


Chimpanzee self awareness

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The test of mirror self-recognition is a highly stable trait in many chimpanzees, but may be subject to decline with age.

Gordon Gallup believes that in later life chimpanzees prefer to lose their ability to conceive of themselves.

“The price you pay for being aware of your own existence is having to confront the inevitability of your own individual demise.

“Death awareness is the price we pay for self awareness.”

Slobodan Milošević – vampire

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Emblematic of Milošević’s detractors was Miroslav Milošević (no relation), a former member of OTPOR and self-described vampire hunter, arrested in 2007 after leading a group who told police that they had driven “a three-foot-long wooden stake into the ground and through the late president’s heart” to prevent him from “returning from the dead”.

October 9, 2009

Watu Simba

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Watu Simba

Today, Watu Simba (were-lion) stories are used to scare misbehaving children. But in the ’40s, the  Watu Simba were young women who had been enslaved by East African witch doctors. They were forcefully addicted to drugs to make them compliant, forced to live in tight cages, and had their foot tendons reshaped to give them the gait of a stalking lion. The witch doctors would then send them out as assassins. The Watu Simba wore the skin of a lion and were outfitted with prosthetic claws while hunting. Most shockingly, they were primarily fed the meat of their victims. They killed approximately 300 people over the course of four years and continued to kill even after the witch doctors were captured and hanged.

October 8, 2009


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Kangaroo swimming

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kangaroo swim

Galvatron repaint in G1 colours

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Galvatron G1

Montauk Project

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Experiments were conducted in teleportation, parallel dimensions and time travel.
On or about on August 12, 1983 the time travel project at Camp Hero interlocked in hyperspace with the original Project Rainbow back in 1943. The USS Eldridge was drawn into hyperspace and trapped there. Two men, Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron both claim to have leaped from the deck of the USS Eldridge while it was in hyperspace and ended up after a period of severe disorientation at Camp Hero in the year 1983 at Montauk Point. Here they claim to have met John von Neumann, a famous physicist and mathematician, even though he died in 1957. John Von Neumann had supposedly worked on the original Philadelphia Experiment, but the United States Navy denies this.
A “porthole (portal) in time” was created which allowed researchers to travel anywhere in time or space. This was developed into a stable “Time Tunnel.” Underground tunnels with abandoned cultural archives were explored on Mars using this technique where apparently some kind of “Martians” had once lived many thousands and thousands of years earlier.
Contact was made with alien extraterrestrials through the Time Tunnel and advanced kinds of ‘etheric technology’ was exchanged with them which enhanced the Montauk Project. This allowed broader access to hyperspace. Stewart Swerdlow also developed the “language of hyperspace”, utilizing archetypes and glyphs as well as colour and tone, in other words, a “non-linguistic language”, the language of the Creator, that is God itself. However many researchers have questioned the validity of Swerdlow and what he actually did within the Montauk Project.
Enrico Chekov, a Spanish-Russian dissident, reported in 1988, after defecting to America, that satellite surveillance captured during the 1970s showed the formation of a large bubble of space-time centered on the site, lending further support to the D1 Base Time Tunnel research. After Chekov shared photographs with a reporter from the The New York Times, his apartment in Manhattan was burgled and the photos were all that was taken.
People had their psychic abilities enhanced to the point where they could materialize objects out of thin air. Stewart Swerdlow claims to have been involved in the Montauk Project, and as a result, he says, his “psionic” faculties were boosted, but at the cost of emotional and psychological instability, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other issues, including being programmed with microchips, and also through the use of “psychotronic mind control”. An alien supposedly designed a chair, which an individual could sit in to boost his mental and precipatory powers. A prototype duplicate was given to Britain and put in a facility on the River Thames.
The facility was expanded to as many as twelve levels and several hundred workers. Some reports have the facility extending under the town of Montauk itself and interconnected with vast maglev tunnel networks to other “Deep Underground Military Bases”, also known as “D1 Bases”.
Nikola Tesla, whose death was faked in a conspiracy, was the chief director of operations at the base (which if they started in the 80s would make him 120+).
Mass psychological experiments, such as the use of enormous subliminal messages projects and the creation of a “Men in Black” corps to confuse and frighten the public, were invented there.

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