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June 13, 2009


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  1. I have witnessed one of these a little over half a year ago I thought I was loosing my mind it was in the city of Inglewood in California in the parking lot on Crenshaw and imperial I was with my kids and it was about 9:00 pm or so I made them promise not to tell no one we were right in front of the cvs and I was hollering at my young boys to stay away from the peaked cars they were messing with when this thing walked on its two legs the head looked human but its tale stood straight out the first thing I did was hollered what the fuck is that I got a little closer when I realized this foot and a half sized creature had a human face with hoof looking feet and just stood there staring at me for a few seconds before walking into a small bush and wasn’t scared of me I grabbed the kids and said lets get the fuck out of here now my youngest pulled away and ran back to the bush got down on hands and knees and said its weird mom what is it just looking at me I snatched him and we got about 100 ft when a couple were exiting the cvs and going to they’re car parked right by the bush when the woman screamed and was pointing toward the bush I screamed tell me you just seen something you shouldn’t have just then the male grabbed her by her arm and ran pulling her back into the cvs later that night when my boyfriend came home he said something must had happened at cvs cause there’s a lot of police yikes what the fuck are these things

    Comment by christina — February 6, 2013 @ 9:42 pm

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