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November 30, 2007

Mr Potato Head fun

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Stay Puft battle

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Metroid Prime

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Really let down by awful boss fights, repetition, badly placed save points and too much precision jumping for a first person game (especially where there are floors that damage you if you fall).
There is a great section of the game after you get the space jump (before that, it is not that fun), where you are running through labs, precisely shooting, picking up new skills with great twists such as the lights going off, but after a while you just end  up with repetitive sections fighting the same enemies, samish locations and a lack of excitement.
The final boss is a textbook example in how not to design. After the save point, you have to traverse several rooms with weak but damagng enemies wasting time before you can even reach the battle that takes about 20 minutes itself. As it’s a hard boss, you will have to do this over and over again. You then have to battle the first form, repeating a sequence over and over again in a war of attrition. There are several times you cannot avoid being hit by damaging attacks, although not as bad as the Meta Ridley fight, where you have a miniscule opening in order to attack or dodge.
The next form required rapid switching between viewing modes as it turns invisible, but as it takes a while for the game to do this, meanwhile you are being attacked by an invisible enemy, it is no fun.

Not sure if I will bother playing the sequel.


Shoot ‘Em Up

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Did what it said on the can – almost mindless, great action, good pace and not overstaying it’s welcome.
Best bits are the set pieces in the gun factory, Clive Owen’s house and the final bit.


New Super Mario Bros

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Superb update – everything feels right, from the excellent graphics, difficulty and homages to other parts of the series.
Highlights include boss towers that rely on platforming skills instead of tedious bosses, the giant caterpillar and sea monster, the hidden worlds, giant mushrooms and slowly unlocking more features.


November 11, 2007

Scorpion Birth

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No bucket this time.

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Gekiranger selection

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