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July 24, 2007

High 5!

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July 22, 2007

Baby Hippo

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July 14, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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Okay film -very boring in the middle, story is nothing special and everything good is in the trailer apart from the final fight.

Have seen some of the other films on tv and they were made like summer blockbusters and all the better for it, whereas this felt more like a proper adult film. Unfortunately the plot isn’t strong enough for this and they shouldn’t of messed with the formula.


UFC 73

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Got of to a good start with Nog vs Herring, although as i’ve seen this twice already, I would have preferred something new.
Sherk is so boring – hope they bring in someone who can retire him as all he does is change position and lay on his opponent. Was disappointed in Hermes, but it wasn’t his fault the fight was so bad.
Tito vs Rashad was okay, as Tito’s mouth helps make his bouts interesting. Rashad had a little flurry in the last round but Tito should have won this.
Anderson Silva is the UFC’s mvp, beating all comers in exciting fights – he’s the new Wanderlei.

Leonardo up close

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World’s tallest man’s wedding

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Grey squirrels are elderly red squirrels

July 8, 2007

Classic Transformers box art

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Just finished watching last episode.

Very good Sentai series, better than Aba, Bouken and maybe Deka. The story arc, actors and characters were all good, mecha were nice (especially the V-Rex) and judgement was served on the villains. Only downpoint was Gien being the final bad guy – would rather of had Don Dolnero or Captain Ryuuya being the last breaker of the laws of time to be taken down.


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