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May 26, 2007


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Happy Wombat

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Monkeys fighting with swords

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Fishing in Alaska

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Vacuuming a cat

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May 13, 2007

Bridge to Terabithia

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I should have listened to the reviews – the film is great until 2/3rds of the way through they destroy it by killing one of the characters and then fail to give you any closure for the emotional investment you have made in the film. As they were faithful to the book, this is one of those cases where the film should have diverted from and improved upon the original.


Wrong Turn

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Good Hollywood take on the cannibal mythos, a kind of updated Hills Have Eyes.
The action never drags and the script and acting keep it believable, although there is not that much innovation.

Lives Of The Monster Dogs

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Great build up and back story concerning the lives of the Monster Dogs and their move to New York.
Unfortunately the promised reveals and plot twists don’t occur and the book just petters out.
Still, the part of the novel that works is great.


Wolf Creek

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Terrible pacing mean nothing happens for the first 2/3rds of the film. The monster is okay, but doesn’t do anything revolutionary.
The style of the horror is more sadistic then gory and the film is not good enough to make it work.

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