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March 10, 2007

UFC 68

Filed under: MMA Review — mahou @ 6:33 pm

Solid show with great main event of “uncle” Randy Couture destroying the giant.

Silvia has put fans through some terrible boring fights lately, so was very good to see him lose his belt and get beaten by 43 year old Randy. Matt and Rich had solid comebacks from loses, with Matt Hughes looking like the old Matt Hughes (though that may not be such a good thing, as he may have regressed to his old g’n’p only self). Franklin beat Jason MacDonald surprisingly easily – I was hoping he was a new superstar in waiting, but he’s no where near ready as a striker, although it makes Chris Leben look worse, which is good.


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  1. Tim Syliva is, and always has been a simple one level fighter. The skill level he posses is so inadequate compared to the other fighters it is amazing he has reached the level he has. Randy Couture, and others like him have steadily advance their game, and posses so many skills and I can’t imagine why sylvia is even there. It appears the gym that both Tim Sylvia and Matt Hughes work out of needs some new talent. They are all too close to it all, and need to look outside the box if they want to get back to their dominant ways. Don’t get me wrong I love Matt Hughes, but they need a new vision

    Comment by Rick — March 15, 2007 @ 5:56 pm

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