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January 30, 2007

Types of strength

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Edited from posts to Rec.Martial-Arts

There are several strengths we know of in martial arts. There may be more,

so please advise of any I may have missed:

Young ‘un strength – The unique strength gifted to the youth. Like young

superheros experimenting with their new-found super powers, young ‘uns

delight in exhibiting their explosive strength.

‘tard Strength – The less mentally capable have a strength all their own.

Some ascribe it to a lack of fear as to harm they may cause to themselves or

others. Some see it as a similar to the increased hearing acuity that the

blind develop.

Dad Strength – Childbirth bestows upon many men inhuman strength – just ask

their 9 year old sons.

Roid Strength – Puffy cheeks, a baaad attitude and pecs that won’t quit?

You’re a roider. Bends steel bars between his ass-cheeks and gets guys to

arm-bar him just for the curls exercise. Pre-aneurysm he’s about the

strongest guy out there.

Fat Strength – The truly obese have a strength of sorts. Probably a mass

thing. Most people underestimate how strong and fast fat people can be. They can cover

comparatively short distances (10 or 20 feet) surprisingly *fast* and they are

often quite strong.

Old Guy Strength – Beware the old guy. If he’s still doin’ it, there’s a

reason why.

Croatian Strength – There is something to this. Several countries in that vicinity have a claim…..

Drunk strength – we’ve all seen this one.

Psychotic strength – No brain, no pain.

Crazy-bitch strength – Mostly for squirming away rather than actually fighting.

Anger strength – I’LL KEEL YOU!!!

Guess-I-don’t-know-my-own strength – Look at his head… fuck… I’m

going to jail.

Drugged out of their mind strength – The guy on PCP up against 6 cops with truncheons throwing ’em around like rag dolls until they break some bones, which slows him down a bit until they break the major bones in both arms.

“It’s just a flesh wound” strength – those guys who hobble around but say they’re okay.


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