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January 30, 2007

Paper Mario (N64)

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Great looking, easy to play rpg featuring Mario and his supporting cast.

Very playable, but suffers from the problem many RPGs have where you are just going from battle to battle where you are under no threat and spend more time watching opening and closing animations then fighting, although there are few randoms attacks that plague similar games.

Good story that hangs together and likable supporting cast made this a pleasant game to play, with the only major problem the inability to return to the game world hub after completion without having to walk through Bowser’s castle.



The Prestige

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Starts okay, but is let down by ludicous ending that kills the credibility of the film. Christian Bale’s character is unlikable, so even after Hugh Jackman’s major heel turn you still don’t care about his character.

The general feel of the movie is good, with good characterization and scenery, interesting topics covered and some magic tricks revealed. Major changes were made to the book to convert it to the screen and I feel they should have ditched the ending for something believable and would have created a better product.


Day Of The Dead (remake)

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Just as fun the second time. Gory without being too excessive, good story, great effects, brilliant beginning sequence and faithful to zombie lore where it matters.


Dog of the day

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Playing the cat

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playing the cat

Hugo – man of 1000 faces

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Types of strength

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Edited from posts to Rec.Martial-Arts

There are several strengths we know of in martial arts. There may be more,

so please advise of any I may have missed:

Young ‘un strength – The unique strength gifted to the youth. Like young

superheros experimenting with their new-found super powers, young ‘uns

delight in exhibiting their explosive strength.

‘tard Strength – The less mentally capable have a strength all their own.

Some ascribe it to a lack of fear as to harm they may cause to themselves or

others. Some see it as a similar to the increased hearing acuity that the

blind develop.

Dad Strength – Childbirth bestows upon many men inhuman strength – just ask

their 9 year old sons.

Roid Strength – Puffy cheeks, a baaad attitude and pecs that won’t quit?

You’re a roider. Bends steel bars between his ass-cheeks and gets guys to

arm-bar him just for the curls exercise. Pre-aneurysm he’s about the

strongest guy out there.

Fat Strength – The truly obese have a strength of sorts. Probably a mass

thing. Most people underestimate how strong and fast fat people can be. They can cover

comparatively short distances (10 or 20 feet) surprisingly *fast* and they are

often quite strong.

Old Guy Strength – Beware the old guy. If he’s still doin’ it, there’s a

reason why.

Croatian Strength – There is something to this. Several countries in that vicinity have a claim…..

Drunk strength – we’ve all seen this one.

Psychotic strength – No brain, no pain.

Crazy-bitch strength – Mostly for squirming away rather than actually fighting.

Anger strength – I’LL KEEL YOU!!!

Guess-I-don’t-know-my-own strength – Look at his head… fuck… I’m

going to jail.

Drugged out of their mind strength – The guy on PCP up against 6 cops with truncheons throwing ’em around like rag dolls until they break some bones, which slows him down a bit until they break the major bones in both arms.

“It’s just a flesh wound” strength – those guys who hobble around but say they’re okay.

January 25, 2007

Paper robots

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paper prime

January 24, 2007

Foxybingo mascot

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Evil Dog

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