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November 10, 2006

Uri Geller (from some message board a few years back)

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Well,the Israeli performer Uri Geller, famous for bending metal with his mind powers, is known among some of us to be a magician!
Who believes he actually has super-natural powers??
I mean,sure you may not be able to figure out how he bends metal with no visable means of force, but i can do a cracking version of pulling off my thumb for my little cousin, and she cant figure it out, but that doesn’t mean i have super-natural powers of dislocating my thumb and taking it off!!
If he has these strange powers, then good luck to him, but i think that this account, should explain his life a bit better

Born to a hungarian family in 1946, Uri Geller often claims that his psychic powers first manifested themselves after he recieved a severe electrical shock when he was 9 years old.By 1969,Geller began to exhibit feats of telepathy and psychokinesis in Israeli night clubs and on Kibbutzim.Finding his talents underappreciated, where some critics accused him of fraud,he tried his luck in the United States.
Geller succedeed when the prestigious Stanford Research Institute, a scientific think tank in Menlo Park, California, included him in its’ ongoing psychic investigations.
Although the results were sketchy and inconclusive, Geller’s apparant abilities excited the investigators and conferred a legitimacy on the performer that made his name a house hold word.
The bulk of his fame came to rest on the so-called Geller effect- a display of psychokinetic strength, in which the young Israeli appeared to break spoons in half, bend house keys, even halt cable cars in mid air.
But the entertainer also proved adept at displays of mind reading and thought projection.
For one researcher, Geller duplicated a pencil sketch of a sailboat despite the artist’s attempts to shield it from him.
For another, he projected his own image onto photographic film seemingly by pressing his forehead against the capped lens of a camera.
In the early 1970’s, it appeared that Geller had found the acceptance and respectability that had eluded his predecessors.However, he was not long on this pedestal.
Like Bishop, the Zancigs, and Lady Wonder, Geller was to face his harshest criticism at the hands of a professional magician
In 1973, Geller agreed to display his talents at the editorial offices of time.Posting as a reporter, magician James Randi, a well respected escapologist, observed Geller’s effects at close- quarters.
An accomplished mentalist in his own right, Randi took issue with Geller’s claims. The endorsements that Geller had won from scientists meant nothing to the magician, who felt that scholars believing themselves too smart to be fooled, were easily swayed by tricksters. When Geller completed his demonstation for the magazine’s editors and left their offices, Randi promptly repeated every one of the young performer’s effects.
To duplicate simple pencil sketches, Randi explained, Geller could have used a technique called pencil reading.
Even if the person making the sketch held the pad out of sight, Geller would be able to re-create it by carefully tracking and then duplicating the movements of the artist’s hand and pencil.
Similarly, Geller’s celebrated key-warping feats were readily explained.
Geller, said Randi, merely buckled the key against a table-top.
Owing to Randi’s influence, the magazine article that was subsequently published about Geller was considerably less flattering than it might other-wise have been.
From that point foward, where ever Uri Geller went, James Randi seemed to follow close behind.
When Geller appeared on one television show, Randi was there to supervise the conditions to preclude the fraud. When Geller did mind-reading stunts, Randi improved on them.
Although Geller’s reputation in the Untited States has faded as a result, the Israeli mentalist maintains that Randi is merely a clever magician who has mimicked his results but not his methods. The effects are no less genuine, Geller says, for having been copied by trickery.

Well, having read this information, i believe that Uri Geller is a talented magician who has dedicated his life to perfecting his feats of metal bending,pencil reading and similar stunts.
Randi seems a talented guy too, and i would like to learn more about him, his claim being “Most, if not all, psychics are only conjurors”
I believe him on this one, and think that maybe Geller would have had a better and more famous life, if he had not claimed that his effects were psychic, almost inviting magicians to prove him wrong.
What does everyone else think, having read this?
Does anyone agree that he is a talented trickster?
Does everyone hold a grudge against him because of his claims?
Does anyone believe he is a true psychic?
I hope that this post has supplied efficient information about his life and has encouraged people to once again think of this man, and wonder whether he really has mystical powers or is simply ther magician Randi thinks he is



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