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November 10, 2006

Great Gaming Quotes

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Armed Police Batrider – “Let Kick Ass Together !” “Chop U” – song title

Bad Dudes Vs. Dragoninja – “Rampant ninja related crimes these days.. Whitehouse is not the exception…”

“Glad to see you! How you enjoyed the game. Watch out Data East’s new games to come.” – Last screen of ending

Battle Rangers – “Opp, I’ve got foods! Chuck chuck.” – The Hero

“You! Invaders! Get you the hot bullets of shotgun to die!” – Miniboss

Hero: “I’m Blood Wolf
Where is our president? Boy?”
Boss: “You stupid! You die!”
[Throws boomerang that breaks hero’s gun]
Boss: “Your gun is broken. Poor guy!”
Hero: “Gee! My gun’s no good! That boomerang did it???”
Boss: “Kuuh! You are the loser!”
Hero: “No kidding! A knife would be enough!”
Boss: “You stubborn guys! Go to hell!” – Hero and Final Boss

Miniboss: “Uuurg…I will chop you apart!”
Hero: “Hey, same words to you!”
Miniboss: “Haha…Here’s goes bloody sight!”

Beastorizer – “Left 3 are important techniques, Go For it”
“Common, special move commands!!”
“Squat down makes dodging upper and middle attacks!!”
Those are all instructions on the cabinet. That game has the best title of all time.

Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix – “You dance like a monkey! Are you a monkey?” – Announcer

“You’re doing great!” – Announcer, after failing a stage

Darkstalkers 3 – “I understand your opinion. I just don’t care about it.” – Jedah

Dimahoo – “They are the tough bounty hunters! Great battle is beginning! Are you great? We are great! This is…Dimahoo” – In-game Dialogue

Dimahoo, indeed.

Donkey Kong 3 – “Your Name Registrated” – High Score Screen

Galaga ’88 – “How about coming to my place this night? From now on, I want to be with you as a man and a women.” – Ending

Keyboardmania 3rd Mix – “Please Wheel Repair.” – Error Message

King of Fighters 2000 (These ones are just cool.)
“It’s like I’m assisting suicide! Hate not me. Hate your weakness!” – Yagami Iori

“Zero doesn’t mean I’m nothing. I’m the all that’s touched by none.” – Zero

“Your fiery fighting almost wilted my rose beauty, bud!” – Nikaido Benimaru

Mace: The Dark Age – “I’d make a cool action figure.” – Hellknight

“Yes, my pants are see-through!” – Namira

Magic Sword – “Get me escape!” – Prisoner

“Gauntlet: increase power power” – Help Menu

Martial Champions – Bobby: “This is a battlefield and you are now dead.”
Avu: “Then I’ll twist it.”

Marvel Super Heroes – “Now you have witnessed my tentacled fury!” – Shuma Gorath

“HULK SMASH! Sorry, I just had to say it…” – The Inredible Hulk

Masters of Battling Arena – “I am Bean Lady!!!” – Bean Lady




“Hot fires! I take my complaint!” – Doktor

“My hat is the time machine! Pchu pchu!” – Doktor

Neo Mr. Do! – “Go forward for make away as joystick and push A button for approach of enemy” – Instructions

“Complete of extras get extra game” – Instructions

“Break of every enemy for apples and balls. Make high score for break get together” – Instructions

“Stage clear as to do Need get all clear items or break all enemy” – Instructions

Pong – “Avoid missing ball for high score.” – Cabinet Instructions

Primal Rage – “No animals were harmed in any way during the making of Primal Rage.”

Puzzle De Pon! – “Cancer Get!” – Game Dialog, after beating the fourth series of levels

Q*Bert – “Hello, I’m turned on!” – Q*Bert, upon turning on the machine

Satan’s Hollow – “Destroy Satan for bonus points and extra lives!”

Soul Calibur – “You must control the anger by using the anger. I call this attack ‘Control the anger by using the anger.'” – Edge Master

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike – Ibuki: “Excuse me, are you a Sennin?”
Oro: “Yes, I am the legendary Sennin! What can I do for you?”
Ibuki: “Well, I’m training to be a ninja, and I have to beat you in less than 5 minutes to graduate.”
Oro: “Oh, I thought you wanted to go on a date with me! I’m so disappointed!”

Urien: “You should thank me for using you as entertainment!”
Ken: “Keep talking like that, and I’ll do way more than just entertain you!”

“How dost thou suck? Let me count the wounds! One, two…” – Urien

“Cheap? I paid a lot for this hat!” – Yun

“If you think I’m weird, you should see some of these other characters!” – Necro

“Hey, maybe they’ll make an action figure out of you too, someday!” – Ken

Ken is great. His last name is Masters.

Street Fighter III Second Impact – “Woah, what is this stuck in me? Thanks for the gift!” – Hugo

“It’s time you settled down and raised a family, my friend. Maybe I will help you.” – Ken, to Ryu

“Your fist is worthless…your pride becomes nothing!” – Akuma

“That was about as fun as kicking a soda can, but at least a soda can is recyclable. You’re worthless!” – Hugo

“Don’t be so angry! If you’re sulky, all your little friends will call you Mr. Sulky!” – Yun

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo – “I’ll make you cry like I did when my daddy died!” – Dan

The Simpsons – “I’m toastified, man!” – Bart, when hit by flame

WWF War zone – “I’m eat you putty!” – Shawn Michaels

X-Men – “X-Men- Welcome . . . TO DIE!” – Magneto

“I am Magneto, master of Magnet! Hahaha…” – Magneto

“Note. The game is not over yet.” – Ending, right before the game restarts

X-Men Vs. Street Fighter – “Instant Hell Murder…I think I’ve heard of it.” – Akuma

“I break the sound barrier on a daily basis.” – Charlie

“I’m still the best there is at what I do.” – Wolverine

“You have fulfilled your destiny… TO LOSE!” – M. Bison


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